Farm Well | Documentary Series

Being a farmer today is not easy. New Heroes, Full Frame and project FARMWELL are proud to present an online series for and about farmers and farmer families. The agricultural sector and world are rapidly changing. Farmers today face many challenges – both mentally and physically. But there are also new directions and possibilities on the horizon. Coming this Spring: the Farm Well Series! In 6 episodes we meet farmers in Europe who are doing things differently.

The series is part of FARMWELL, a European Thematic Network project funded by Horizon 2020. The project aims to improve farmers’ mental, physical and social wellbeing. The serious social challenges that farmers are facing – including (mental) health issues and depression, isolation, physical risks, stress caused by negative societal perceptions, challenges of farm succession, gender issues – call for new and innovative solutions.

The Series
In the Farm Well Series we meet farmers who are doing things differently. In 6 episodes we explore local projects in Europe that truly empower farmers. Some new ideas, others reinvented, some not-so-obvious at first sight others radical, some addressing local farming challenges others dealing with farming solutions to global crises. All real stories from farmers in Europe that show: although it’s not always easy to be a farmer today, a burden shared really is a burden halved.