Farm Well, the series

local projects in Europe that truly empower farmers


Documentary series

Sometimes it’s hard to be a farmer today. That’s why farmers, farming organizations and researchers in Europe got together to look for solutions. New Heroes, Full Frame and project FARMWELL are proud to present Farm Well, the online series about social innovation projects for and by farmers and farmer families. 

Farm Well, The Series
From the makers of the award-winning animation Farm Well, a story about farm life today now comes Farm Well, the series.  In this series we meet farmers who are doing things differently. In 6 episodes we take you on a journey to explore local projects in Europe that truly empower farmers. Social innovations that help improve the mental, social and physical wellbeing of farmers, their 

families and communities. Some new ideas, others reinvented, and all inspiring solutions to urgent and shared wellbeing challenges. Watch the short stories from farmers in Europe that show: although it’s not always easy to be a farmer today, a burden shared really is a burden halved.

Storytelling by Company New Heroes 
With our storytelling productions for Farmwell we aim to raise awareness about the social challenges of farmers in the local rural communities and in the wider society as a whole. And to better connect farmers to society, and improve the negative perception of society about farming.

FARMWELL is a Horizon 2020 European Thematic Network that aims at improving the mental, physical and social wellbeing of farmers. Making social innovations more accessible to address common social challenges. The serious social challenges that farmers are facing – including (mental) health issues and depression, isolation, physical risks, stress caused by negative societal perceptions, challenges of farm succession, gender issues – call for new and innovative solutions (social innovations).

In the context of agriculture and farming, innovation is often associated with technological innovation. Furthermore, while social innovation is gaining increasing importance also in the farming context, social innovation in farming mostly focuses on how to address a wider societal problems, and is rarely offered as a solution to improve the wellbeing of farmers.

The main novelty of FARMWELL is that it aims to help realizing social innovations with a focus on farmers and their families in various national and local contexts.  

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