Code of Conduct

Our projects can and want to be challenging, investigative and groundbreaking. Creative freedom, expression and vulnerability are essential. That is precisely why the creation process and the working environment must be safe.

Equality and empathy are core values at New Heroes. We treat people with respect and work  towards a safe environment for everyone. We are all responsible for standing up for each  other, to identify and talk about unwanted behaviour, and to report it if needed. This code  of conduct applies to everyone at New Heroes, and can and should be shared with anyone  who works with or for Company New Heroes.  

Desired manners

  • Rely on each other’s good intentions at work.
  • Talk to each other and not about each other.
  • Be complimentary and show your appreciation every now and then.
  • Listen to each other and ask questions.
  • Be patient: keep in mind that not everyone has the same work schedule or pace.

We strive to be an inclusive organization, in which all heroes can express who they are. We believe more dynamism, ideation and innovation are created in a diverse team. We think it is important that everyone who works for or with us experiences a pleasant and safe working environment. We are jointly responsible for that.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying, verbal or physical aggression, discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse of power.

Have you experienced unwanted behavior?

We are aware that unwanted behavior can occur anywhere, intentionally or not. That’s why we are working on creating an open work atmosphere in which undesirable acts and behavior can be safely named and reported.

Examples of undesirable behavior:

  • It is never appropriate to objectify someone’s body (sexually) in word or deed;
  • It is never appropriate to comment on or joke about someone’s cultural background or skin color;
  • It is never appropriate to treat people differently based on their gender (identity) or ethnic background;
  • It is never appropriate to abuse your position of power.


If you feel you have (had) to deal with undesirable behavior, you can always contact one of our internal or external confidants:

Amber Bloos (internal)
Sanne Mylonas (external)
Bas van Rijnsoever (internal)

The conversation and your report will be treated confidentially. This will not be shared with others. Together we will see what you need at that moment. No action will be taken without your consent.

External office

If you feel that you cannot or do not want to go to one of the above confidential councilors with your complaint, you can also contact Mores, the central reporting center for undesirable behavior in the creative sector: