Globally we are experiencing multiple, complicated and interconnected crises: climate change, growing inequality & poverty are just a few of the issues that need to be solved in this generation. Our old systems are cracking. The good news: every crisis is an opportunity to design new systems! This calls for a collective practical ethical dialogue. We need to figure out today on what values we want to build new systems for tomorrow. So what is truely of value to you? What possible futures do you imagine and what role do you play in shaping them?

Art and creativity show possibilities and make them tangible in order to evoque a real dialogue between all kinds of people. We believe that art and creativity are essential in looking for alternatives, especially because they don’t claim a truth. Because we all don’t know the truth, the real truth of life. We are born, we search and we die. Art and creativity celebrate this searching and not knowing. Moreover not knowing allows for vulnerability, for real connection and for hope. We don’t know, therefore we can be. 


Projects start from our own initiative or as an assignment and  are always created in collaboration with partners. In every project, the end goal is a practical, ethical dialogue with an audience. 

We are creators; we specialise in storytelling and imagination. Since we work with a very diverse and elaborate network of creators, we can always choose the matching form for the content we want to bring across. Whether it is film, animation, performance, installation or a combination, we start with what we want to tell and then define the right form or shape. Our projects come in different and flexible scales so that they can reach audiences in all kinds of  spaces and circumstances. As long as the message and content are clear, we can reshape and rework your projects so that they have maximum impact in different situations and for diverse audiences.


Sustainability is a core value; we aim for social, ecological, artistic and economic sustainability in both our projects as in our organisation. We aim to minimise negative and maximise positive impact. We help and take care of each other, profit goes back to the people and projects, we create our projects to be modular and flexible so that they can cause as much of an effect as possible, we use biobased materials where possible and we work with partners on the values of tomorrow.