Because all things of value are vulnerable

New Heroes advocates a much-needed practical ethical dialogue to balance the ideology of manipulability that rules our globalized world, currently fueled by value systems pushing for infinite growth.

New Heroes believes in other value systems designed around people and nature, inclusion and modularity, sustainability, and made-to-measure minus the illusion of manipulability. Simply put:  value systems for all things vulnerable.

In the coming post-Covid years all New Heroes projects focus on revaluing the vulnerable. Not because we believe in a perfect world, but because we believe in a world where you and I may search and question and not-know and stumble for ways to achieve a more balanced relationship with ourselves, our communities and our world, not by domination but rather participation.

+12 years +120 projects +22 countries  +200 creators

New Heroes Method

Our signature creative method reflects our mission statement. For every project whether self-initiated or commissioned, we choose a current theme, do scientific and practical research, involve partners and stakeholders, and determine the right forms for the stories. We use multidisciplinary storytelling and spark imagination to inspire and drive practical ethical conversations. This is how our projects connect audiences and create deeper understanding and true impact.

New Heroes projects adhere to three artistic rules:

  • Create from necessity
  • Connect through and with the project
  • Search for the right audience for every project

In addition, we apply the following three business rules:

  • Don’t spend money you don’t have
  • Work is paid
  • Find the right partners for each project

Curious about New Heroes’ core creative team? Meet them here

HIGHLIGHTS 2020/2021:

  • 4 year grant from The Performing Arts Fund NL
  • >1.2 million views on Youtube
  • Featured in NYT
  • Highly Commended by Dezeen Awards