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In a world where there is no longer one truth, one shared story and everyone must decide for themselves what they stand for and where they go, there is more than ever before a need to truly meet each other. That is why New Heroes creates stories in which you can connect to yourself, the other and the world. So that it may touch you in your quest of discovering the why of life or provide a moment in which you can just be. With our stories we create the common ground where these encounters can take place, where the not-knowing, the searching and being human can be shared together.

New Heroes is an artistic philosophy and a specific artistic approach to making stories. New Heroes is an international network of creators that share these ideas and a structure that organises them.

Three artistic rules direct how we do what we do:

  • Create from necessity.
  • Connect through and with the project.
  • Search for the right audience for every project. 

And three business rules:

  • Don’t spend money you don’t have.
  • Heroes get paid.
  • Find the right partners for each project.


New Heroes is recognised for a highly professional, yet unconventional ‘rock and roll’, inclusive and collaborative approach to any project. Our strength is our conceptual thinking in combination with the incredible diversity of the professional creators in our network organisation. We are storytellers and we combine all creative disciplines and locations as a medium for our narratives. Connection and collaboration are the key principles in achieving the desired (social) engagement in our work. New Heroes routinely works with cultural, social, educational, scientific, commercial, and corporate partners, but also with local, regional, and European government such as cities, provinces, and EU projects.


New Heroes works with a small fixed core and a strong international network of creative professionals from the performing and other audiovisual arts. We call these makers and thinkers creators. Our Heroes are theatre and film directors, scenographers, visual artists, designers, actors, dancers, musicians, writers, photographers, animators, dramaturges, technical producers, sound and stage technicians, video artists, app developers, website builders, editors, camera(wo)men, journalists, researchers and community builders.

There are over 200 creators in the New Heroes network worldwide and this grows with every new project and collaboration. These creative peers join forces in different formations for each new project.

Organisational structure

Our headquarters is in Amsterdam and we have an office in Ghent. New Heroes is an innovative, flexible network organisation that works on a project-based model. Artistic director Lucas De Man and managing director Wouter Goedheer run the company together with 5 core members, each specialised in different areas. The office team is led  by 2 office coordinators.
Typically we run multiple projects of different sizes and in different stages of development simultaneously. Completed projects remain on repertoire and go on tour.

Company New Heroes was founded in 2008 and since then we and our creators have made over 100 projects and in over 20 countries.
Our projects have been supported by various public and private funds. We currently receive structural funding from the Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and BankGiroLoterij Fund.