Why & How

Create Connect Encounter: philosophy

In a world where there is no longer one truth, one shared story and everyone must decide for themselves what they stand for and where they go, there is more than ever before a need to truly meet each other. That is why New Heroes creates stories and projects in which you can connect to yourself, the other and the world. So that it may touch you in your quest of discovering the why of life or provide a moment in which you can just be. With our stories we create the common ground where these encounters can take place, where the not-knowing, the searching and being human can be shared together.

Create Connect Encounter: method

For every project we choose a current theme, do scientific and practical research, involve partners and stakeholders and determine the right forms for the stories in the project. This is how our projects create deeper understanding and true impact for a wide audience.

New Heroes projects adhere to three artistic rules:

  • Create from necessity
  • Connect through and with the project
  • Search for the right audience for every project

In addition, we apply the following three business rules:

  • Don’t spend money you don’t have
  • Work is paid
  • Find the right partners for each project

Create Connect Encounter: organisation

We are a professional, creative organisation with a fixed team. To create our projects, we collaborate with a tight-knit international network of creators: creative professionals from the performing and other audiovisual arts. Our Heroes are theatre and film directors, scenographers, visual artists, designers, actors, dancers, musicians, writers, photographers, animators, dramaturges, technical producers, sound and stage technicians, video artists, app developers, website builders, editors, camera(wo)men, journalists, researchers and community builders etc.

Create Connect Encounter: impact

In the past 10 years New Heroes created over 100 projects in over 20 countries and built a network of over 200 creators.