Online talk shows, series, animation and documentary films. New Heroes creates all sorts of audiovisual stories. Check out some of our content below, or click here to browse our YouTube channel.

Meet the Millenials

Our documentary series Meet the Millennials reveals an exciting Asian generation that has found its voice and is ready to use it. It’s told in a loose and humoristic documentary/road-movie style by presenters Lucas De Man (BE/NL) and Hyunsin Kim (DE/KOR).

Farm Well

It’s not always easy being a farmer today. Meet the farmers who are making a difference! New Heroes, Full Frame and project FARMWELL are proud to present Farm Well, the online series: 6 short stories of farmers in Europe with inspiring and empowering social innovations. Projects that improve the mental, social and physical wellbeing of farmers, their families and communities. 

The little matchsticks girl

We’re creating a modern version of the fairy tale The little matchsticks girl and developing a ritual of reading to talk about the growing child poverty in Dutch cities. In collaboration with children from all districts of Amsterdam, we create professional art expressions, education, storytelling, campaign and a video series to move beyond awareness into action!

Future of Democracy

It is bubbling with democratic experiments in Europe. For In Search of Democracy 3.0, documentary maker Emma Lesuis follows the innovators behind this. She discovers the energy of citizens to be active and a wide variety of possibilities for the future. 

A tour through our Biobased Creations

Biobased Creations by New Heroes are experimental projects that model existing and future possibilities and celebrate the wonderful beauty and impact of biobased materials in a circular society. Our storytelling installations, exhibitions, lectures and programs function as ongoing research and discussion pieces, also exhibiting the unknowns, the sticking points, the question marks.

Want to see more? Take a tour of one of our art installations or exhibits, check out the big ideas we’re working on now or find the latest teasers.