The Man Squad BE

Interactive performance about being a man made on request of the Flemish Government

Real men don’t cry. 
Man up. 
Men know why. 

Do they know? And is what they know still valid? What does it mean to be a man in our current society? 

Danny Bouman, Arbi El Ayachi, Vincent Van Meenen, Jaouad  Alloul and Rashif El Kaoui ask each other questions about their experiences as men, as men-to-be, as people. They share their stories in The Man Squad BE: an interactive performance in which spoken word, poetry and theater are mixed. In mutual vulnerability and openness, they talk with the audience.

The Man Squad BE plays everywhere: at festivals, in class rooms, from community center to congress. Each time 2 of the men perform, minimum 40 minutes. This can be tailored to the wishes of the organization and to the location.

After the success of The Man Squad in The Netherlands (amongst others selected as Best Practice by the Code Cultural Diversity), it is time for the next step… We gladly accepted the invitation of the Flemish Government with both hands and formed a new squad: The Man Squad BE.

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