What’s in a Man? The Podcast

Podcast about being a man broadcasted on Dutch national radio

The position of men is under pressure. Reason for writer and audio artist Rashif El Kaoui to start an investigation into what it means to be a man. He does so together with together director and storyteller Lucas De Man and photographer and filmmaker Ahmet Polat. You can find the podcast (in Dutch) in your podcast app or here on the website of the Radio program that broadcasted the series.  

The three creators are all situated in the same totally different worlds of art, martial arts, religion, social innovation, media, Europe and women. Lucas is a Fleming in The Netherlands, Ahmet is Turkish-Dutch and Rashif is Moroccan-Flemish. They see themselves confronted with various and contradictory expectations surrounding manhood.

Rashif, Ahmet and Lucas indulged themselves in the world of men. They took a course in emancipation for men, but also a ‘release your inner men’ workshop. The talked to scientists specialized in religion, fatherhood, agressief, fundability, women, sex and intimacy. They organized meetings with friends and stranger to discuss what it is like to be a men these days. They visited motor clubs and father centers and turned themselves inside out several times.

This resulted in a theatre performance, an exposition and this podcast series. When did you feel like a man for the first time? This question formed the start for the podcast series: What’s in a Man? Be inspired, surprised an shocked by heartfelt stories from the men they met. The style, form and length of the podcast vary and this way Rashif is letting you hear men from all different sides.