The little matchsticks girl

We’re creating a modern version of the fairy tale The little matchsticks girl and developing a ritual of reading to talk about the growing child poverty in Dutch cities. In collaboration with children from all districts of Amsterdam, we create professional art expressions, education, storytelling, campaign and a video series to move beyond awareness into action!

It all starts with a matchbox. In it you will find four matches, a modern version of the fairy tale and an explanation of how to do the ritual at home. We’ll distribute this box in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Light Festival to all grades 3, 4 and 5 of all primary schools in Amsterdam. Thus, approximately 15,000 children bring this ritual home.

The project continues with the premiere of an animation drawn by children, the launch of a light artwork during ALF and an online video series in which children search for the answer to the question; how is it possible that child poverty is a growing problem in one of the richest countries in the world and why are we not solving it?

Makers: Lucas De Man, Mickey Cohen, Gabriel Ercicia, Valene Lontanga, Bas van Rijnsoever, Aldo Brinkhoff, Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn, Tim van den Heuvel, Emily van Zoonen , Else-Marie Rombouts

Partners: Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam Light Festival, PusOneAmsterdam, Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Number 5 Foundation, Juf op Straat, and counting…