An energetic theatre performance about the future of work, money and life.

At the start of 2017, a team of Company New Heroes was asked to become Artists in Residence at the Rabobank. The Art Department of Rabobank asked this creator’s collective to get to know the bank. For a year they talked to over 100 employees throughout the country and in all layers of the company about their work, their doubts, the search and about being human within a large organisation. 

Based on these conversations we created multiple art projects such as a podcast series, an Artshow as well as the theatre performance SAM. 

At the end of the year 2017 the theatre performance SAM had it’s opening night in the Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch. Since then it has played at more than 40 different locations throughout the Netherlands for about 2500 employees of Rabobank and many others. 


In this one hour solo performance we meet Sam. Sam has been working for the Rabobank for 10 years now, at different positions within the organisation. Although she’s been working as a Head of one of the field offices for the last couple of months, she’s recently been asked to become a Culture Ambassador for the bank. For that reason she’s been talking to a lot of her colleagues around the world. 

Sam is ambitious and has a big heart for the bank. But she also has doubts and she very often asks herself questions about the future of the bank and her work, about the values, the culture and if this is still the place that she wants to work in. 

Sam is not pretending to know everything, she’s a hard working mom with an open mind and a lovely smile who just shares with you what she herself doesn’t know. 

In 2019 we were asked by Rabobank North-America to again do interviews with their employees. We rewrote the performance and translated it to English after which we performed it 5 times as part of the Rabo Culture Change Program in North-America for over 1200 employees. 

Sam was a part of the Artist in Recidence of Company New Heroes at the Rabobank.

For more information about the Artist in Residence trajectory or the performance SAM, please contact us at 

Project Credits

  • Director: Lucas De Man
  • Actors: Michaël Bloos or Isil Vos
  • Assistant director: Mariëlla van Apeldoorn
  • Design: Pascal Leboucq
  • Music: Niels Kuiters
  • Video – audio: Adriaan Schuitemaker and Hendrik Walther
  • Technical production: Jeroen Duyvendak
  • Produced by: Company New Heroes

Made possible by:
Rabobank Kunstcommissie, La Dress

Special thanks to:
Verily Klaassen, Tanja Kliphuis, Danielle Laudy, Godelieve Spaas, Laurean Thomas, Wendy van Gastel, all Rabobank employees and guides!