De Man in Europe

A lecture performance

For his project in Search Of Europe, Lucas De Man travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days. He interviewed more than 20 young creators (creative professionals), who are trying to change the society they live in for the better. What struck him is that there is a new generation awakening in Europe and that they are ready to fight for change. Inspired by this journey, Lucas made and performed a lecture performance De Man in Europe.

Scenefoto 3 - Rumke en De Man Door Europa - fotograaf - Phile Deprez

In De Man in Europe Lucas uses video fragments of the interviews to take his audience on a journey past the most important insights and battles of the young European generation he encountered.

In 2016 the performance De Man in Europe was selected to open EUROPE BY PEOPLE, the cultural program of the Dutch presidency of the EU. It was shortlisted as Best Show of the 2015/2016 season by TheaterFestival in the Netherlands and Belgium.

De Man in Europe is part of the art project in Search of Europe. Discovering the Self. This project is coproduced by Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Company New Heroes, in collaboration with several (international) partners. For more information please see

Currently, we only perform this show on special request, contact us: booking[at]