Theatrical voyage of exploration

After the successful project EYE, city artist Lucas De Man together with Pascal Leboucq produced project CLOUD (“WOLK”). CLOUD is a fantastic theatrical tour through a gigantic art installation that ends on a rooftop in the city. The installation guides people on a journey to themselves and to new insights and dreams of visions of our being-human in the confusing time of transition in which we live today.

Precious commodity

CLOUD is about time. Time is precious. In a world that roars and is heading towards a collective burn-out, making time has become almost impossible. Nevertheless, we need to be able to stand still at times.Taking time, making time, getting time to come to oneself, to ask questions, not needing to know the answers. CLOUD is about the coming of age of a generation. It is a Bildungsinstallation, that sends the audience on a quest to redefine itself: from what you are to who you are.

CLOUD premiered during Boulevard Den Bosch, 4th of August and was open until the 4th of September 2016. It was completely sold out! For more information:


Artistic credits

Concept and regie: Lucas De Man
Concept and design: Pascal Leboucq
Technical producer: Kas van Huisstede
Composer: Marc Alberto
Voice girl: Elsa May Averill
Overige stemmen: Tim Murck, Tijs Huys, Nanette Edens en Nik van den Berg
Sound: Guido Langendoen
Show control: Sylvain Vriens

Social media

twitter: @projectWOLK
instagram: @projectWOLK