Yes, Please! exhibition

A sensory, performative search for erotic identity in Marres Maastricht

Over the past two years, Company New Heroes has researched the erotic fantasies of more than 300 Dutch and Flemish people. Bolleke, a caravan equipped with audio equipment, visited several festivals to collect erotic fantasies. The collected stories were classified into nine categories: Multiple people; Power, control, rough sex; Novelty, adventure and variety; Taboos & forbidden sex; Sharing partners & non-monogamy; Romance & passion; Erotic flexibility; Reliving; and Focus & Sensation. These also formed the basis for the exhibition Yes, Please!, which could be experienced at Marres from 8 March to 7 June 2020.

In Yes, Please! exhibition, visitors were guided through new fantasies room by room, with help of a menu consisting of 333 erotic stories from 66 subcategories. Through veils of shame, under soft carpets, and in a somewhat kinky kitchen, visitors discovered the versatility of the human imagination. During the exhibition, ‘Bolleke’ could found in the garden of Marres, where visitors could share their own erotic fantasies upon registration.

Concept: Pascal Leboucq, Marc Alberto and Lucas De Man. Dramaturgy and content: Lucas De Man en Marielle de Goede. Design: Pascal Leboucq, Naomi Jansen, Vivien Vuong. Sound design: Marc Alberto. Production: Rosa van der Flier. Technique: Marres. Co-producention: Marres. Special thanks to: Marres, researchers, the interviewees and the Yes, Please!-team.