Y20 Online Talkshows

on the most urgent topics of youth today

The purpose of the Y20 2020 talk shows is to showcase the views, output and impact of the youth and Y20 delegates worldwide. What would they say? Watch the 7 short episodes on Entrepreneurship, Future Skills, Future of Work, Multiculturalism, Sustainable Development, Decision Making, Inclusion, Leadership Development. And join the conversation. #what would you say

About the Y20 project
Company New Heroes is on a mission to engage the global youth in discussing what really matters. We are giving you the opportunity to directly tell the world leaders what needs to be heard and done.

Not only did we create these talk shows, we also launched an Open Call and asked young people around the world: Tell us what we need to know to support young people around the world.

Through our Youth Priorities Initiative project for Y20 Community, we are aiming to connect a young, diverse and global community to the Y20 Youth Summit. An event bringing young leaders from all G20 countries together to discuss, debate and take action towards the most pressing economic challenges and opportunities of the world today. 

Join the real conversation, share your ideas, insights and experiences with an influential audience of changemakers.