VALUE magazine

How to take part in a new economy

We live in a world dominated by numbers. We express value in terms of money. And we are increasingly leaving more to the “free market”: care and welfare, education, art and culture. But from all directions we hear increasingly loud and clear that this system that strives for infinite growth is no longer maintainable. Even the World Economic Forum claims we need a Great Reset. In the one-off Value magazine, you follow the search of three millennials – Mélodie Michel, Girma Segaar and Amber Bloos – for what a new economy could look like. Which values ​​are central to this new economy? How do we get there? Who have already started? And what can we do ourselves?

Through interviews, stories, infographics, columns, photo series and illustrations, Mélodie, Girma and Amber take you on their quest. No doom scenarios or abstract theories, but hopeful visions and concrete proposals and initiatives.

Due to the wide range of opinions and models and the all-encompassing nature of the subject, you will soon no longer see the forest for the trees. In VALUE magazine, Mélodie, Girma and Amber pick some of these trees to plant and contain them. Maybe even make them grow a little bit – but not too big of course! Just big enough to be a start. So that we are up to date, know where we can link up and make the movement bigger, in order to initiate the turnaround.

A sequel to Robin’s theatrical talk
VALUE magazine ties in with ‘Robin’, a theatrical talk about the future of work. Robin shows how, by using the latest technological possibilities, we can prevent employees from dropping out due to burnouts, boreouts and depression in the future. But in the end, she also wonders how far we want to go and whether alternatives are possible. The magazine is a continuation of the lecture performance and elaborates on those alternatives.

Project leader: Amber Bloos.
Editors: Girma Segaar, Melodie Michel, Amber Bloos en Mojdeh Feili.
Met bijdragen van: diverse schrijvers, journalisten, denkers, illustratoren, fotografen en creatieven.
Advice and editing: Isil Vos, Godelieve Spaas, Maaike Engels, Verily Klaassen en Lucas De Man.
Partnerships & sponsors: Tamara Raab.
graphic design: Yifan Yaing en Roos du Pree.

In cooperation with: Rabo Kunstzaken.