Tomorrow with Lucas Show 3: Immortality



Immortality is the ultimate antidote to human FOMO. Infinite time to do everything life has to offer. Never ever having to say goodbye to loved ones. But with ‘fixing death’ comes the taboo of getting older. And inevitably, humanity will fall into an unprecedented spiritual crisis, because what is life worth without death? What happens to love and mourning?

Lucas De Man and a team of musicians, filmmakers, writers and researchers have zoomed in on our very near future. They sat down with AI-experts, data analysts, futurist, philosophers, historians and inventors.

In 4 shows with every time a different theme, Lucas will invite a fictional expert on the subject. The theatrical talkshow Morgen met Lucas is a production by Company New Heroes in collaboration with LUX, TAQA Theater De Vest, Verkadefabriek and the Zwolse Theaters. The show was made possible with support by Fonds Podiumkunsten.