Knack magazine

100 ideas for a better future

As the guest curator of Flemish theater festival Theater Aan Zee 2019, Lucas De Man chose the theme involvement. Especially for this edition of the festival we worked together with the renowned magazine Knack. In this collector’s edition we collected 100 ideas for a better world, a 100 reasons to be hopeful!

Numerous nationally and internationally renowned names cast an illuminating look on our future. In the most hopeful Knack ever, Lieven Scheire, Pattie Maes, Martin Rees, Ian Pearson, Jeroen Lemaire, Mark Plotkin and Thomas Rau, among others, explain how avatars can help you combat psychoses, how you can cut and paste your DNA yourself, how easy life becomes when you yourself are a cyborg and how you can give your erotic fantasies a new shape. That and 96 other ideas for a better world.