Jazz Factory

Music, interviews, spoken word and wine in Hotel Arena

In 2017, Company New Heroes created, in collaboration with Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (JOC), a special program at Hotel Arena called Jazz Factory. They organized four Sunday afternoons with music, spoken word, interviews and wine. 

During these Sunday afternoons the chapel of Hotel Arena in Amsterdam changed in a breeding ground for new music of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. In a thematic afternoon concert the audience was involved in the creative process of the emergence of new music of JOC. Lucas De man, in the role of host and mediator, made use of his sharp analytical abilities to clarify the artistic process of the JOC for the outside world. Every concert had a central theme that reappeared in the music, interviews with the musicians and in the texts of young journalists, writers and poets.

Hotel Arena offers a unique ambiance for this event with a chapel satin from the late 19th century, an intimate patio as entrance hall and the wonderful location of the Oosterpark. Besides that Hotel Arena selects a wine each Sunday in tune with the theme of that day.