The Exploded View Beyond Building

You build a whole world if you build biobased

The Exploded View Beyond Building is an iconic installation of a full-size home that is made entirely of biobased materials, circular construction methods and stories about the changing value chain of which it is part.

Sketch: Pascal Leboucq, Biobased Creations / creative council The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building

Living Lab
A groundbreaking living lab is now coming from the makers of the award-winning The Growing Pavilion. The Exploded View Beyond Building is a collaboration and ongoing open-source research of builders, producers, farmers, scientists, designers, governments, knowledge institutes, storytellers, and artists united in The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building. Together we advocate for serious upscaling and a thorough system change because you build a whole world if you build biobased.

Through research, experiment, storytelling, imagination (materialization), and meetings, we work on new perspectives for sustainable (circular and biobased) building and living; a circular living environment. We conduct research into the possibilities of new biobased materials with high design quality and circular construction methods such as detachability and modularity. We also investigate specific themes related to system change:

  • Health: From polluted air to breathing homes
  • Agriculture: From agriculture to arable land
  • Neighborhoods of the future: From paved to living neighborhoods
  • Value: From linear to circular

We include both professionals and the general public in the results of our search. We tell you what we have discovered, but also what we don’t know yet. We show the possibilities and the pain points. And we invite everyone to think and participate. With the aim of redirecting the conversation from “is this possible?” towards “how are we going to do this well together?”. In this way, we aim to advance towards a shared and consolidated reappraisal of what is of value.

The expo installation, scale 1 to 1, forms the core of the living lab and can be visited live and online with in-depth stories and research. The installation takes visitors through the cycle of circular and biobased construction in various themes and storylines and shows how we can influence more worlds, than just the construction world, if we design and build differently. We show and experience that a great deal is already possible on scale, affordable and manageable, that it is healthier for people and the world and that it is part of a much larger chain as an alternative to the current systems built on pollution and depletion. In this way we inspire the public, policy, construction and agriculture sectors and encourage them to rethink what has and deserves real value.

Floriade 2022 & Dutch Design Week 2021
The Exploded View Beyond Building will be on display during Floriade 2022 in Almere. The Floriade is the prestigious international stage for green innovations for the living environment of the future. The exhibition installation can be visited and experienced there for six months. Even before The Exploded View Beyond Building comes to life during Floriade, the installation can already be seen as the central eye-catcher of The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building during Dutch Design Week 2021 and thereafter also at DDW 2022. The combination of the two events ensures a wide audience reach and a huge impact.

New & groundbreaking collaborations
To realize The Exploded View Beyond Building, we are going to work with even more partners, do more research and tell even more in words and images than we did with The Exploded View: Materials & Methods  (2020). We make use of knowledge that is already available. Where knowledge is lacking, we ask our knowledge partners to conduct research. 

Join us!
Are you a pioneer in the field of circular and biobased building? And do you want to boost the circular and biobased economy through imagination and storytelling, collaborate / experiment with other pioneers and reach a wide audience? Then join the Embassy. There are many ways to participate: with knowledge, with techniques and materials and financially.

For more information contact Biobased Creations / Company New Heroes:
Diana van Bokhoven – – 06 14430780


Design: Pascal Leboucq

Concept: Pascal Leboucq & Lucas De Man

The Exploded View Beyond Building is made possible by:

Floriade, Dutch Design Foundation, Biobased Creations, Caspar de Haan,  BPD gebiedsontwikkeling, Jansen by ODS, Provincie Noord-Brabant, WAM&VanDuren Bouwgroep, RoosRos Architecten,  

In collaboration with 

Knowledge partners:
Stichting Agrodome /, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Lectoraat BioBased Bouwen, CoEBBE / Avans Hogeschool & HZ University of Applied Science, TU Eindhoven 

Program partners:
BlueCity, LENTE woningcorporaties, The New Block, CIRCO, CLICKNL/DRIVE, Citydeal Circulair en Conceptueel bouwen 

Material partners: 

Forbo Flooring, LafargeHolcim, Omlab, Gencork (sofalca), Plato Wood, Fiction Factory, Gramitherm, Legit Forum Groep, and …
(the list will grow the coming weeks)

Together these organisations form The Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building, curated by Biobased Creations, part of World Design Embassies programm of Dutch Design Foundation program. 

The team of The Exploded View: Pascal Leboucq, Lucas De Man, Emiel Rietvelt, Diana van Bokhoven, Jasper van den Berg, Jopie de Zeeuw, Rosemarie Allaert, Ruben Bus, Fatema Baheranwala, Doudouce Knol, Wouter Goedheer, Kimberly Major, Jip Verwiel.