The Synergetic City – Nuit Blanche

Welcome to the SYNCity laboratory. The Synergetic City. The collaborating city. In our lab we perform our Experiment of the Creative City.

All night long. We can’t do it alone. We need you. We want to know and measure your experiences. We need your thoughts and your voice.

On September 28th 2013 Flemish Arts Center De Brakke Grond was transformed into a laboratory. For Nuit Blanche, the alternative nighttime festival, New Heroes examine Amsterdam’s future as a creative city. Through interactive performances and live editing we mapped a number of visions of the creative city’s future. For this collective brainstorm New Heroes invited artists, chefs, writers, actors, musicians, publishers, philosophers, journalists, scientists and the audience, to participate. SYNCity is a multidisciplinary project by Company New Heroes, in collaboration with de Brakke Grond and Nuit Blanche Festival.