Question Mark

the power of the not-knowing

Question Mark is a performance/installation that can be performed by a group of people forming a big question mark with torches, or through a scaffold of 7 meters high, that can be lit over and over.

The first variant of the performance (with people and torches) was performed in Skopje (Macedonia), during the Roll With It project in 2010, and in Groningen and Maastricht (The Netherlands) as a symbol of ‘the cry for culture’, in collaboration with local partners and on initiative of Piet Menu (director of De Brakke Grond Flemish Arts Centre).

The installation has been at the Magneetfestival in Amsterdam, at Roest Amsterdam, at Strijp-S in Eindhoven and at Nutrecht in Utrecht.

Concept installation: Lucas De Man
Design: Pascal Lebooucq
Construction: Pascal Leboucq and Kas van Huisstede
Concept performance: Lucas De Man, Bas van Rijnsoever, Niels Kuiters, Marc Stoffels, Jan Barta

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