Installation in Belgrade

In Serbian, od kuda means ‘where are you from’? (history, past, roads travelled) Kuda means: ‘where are you going’? (future, the roads ahead)

During a conference organised by Company New Heroes called Artists in Public Space (Belgrade, 2009) we made the installation OD KUDA together with 20 young artists from all over Europe and 8 young artists from Serbia. The installation was made out of car tyres. We placed the tyres on a field of grass next to the main bridge in Belgrade, and we put a line through the word OD. This was a reaction to the uprising of the right wing parties and racism in Serbia, which makes use of a fictional or exaggerated version of the past in which Serbian pride doesn’t tolerate foreign influences. We however support the quest for how to live together in the future, and in which direction Serbia wants to head, instead of going back to old ideas and habits.

The installation caused a lot of media attention in Serbia, and was left there for a month until the city council took it away.

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