Resolving overpopulation

Tonight we are going to be honest and harsh. Humanity is a plague and we have denied it for too long. We are all dying!

Of course we’d rather deny it, there is no lack of uninspiredness in this world. Do you know in what way uninspiredness and the universe are alike? They are both endless.

To save humanity we have to fight ourselves. Why tonight? Because otherwise we will never do it. How? Leave that to us. We are starting a charm offensive, with all of us against all of us!

In Megalomania Mime Theatergroup Blont, consisting of Floor van Leeuwen and Bas van Rijnsoever, tackle the mother of all problems: overpopulation. The performance was performed at theater featival De Parade.

Project Credits

Concept and performance: Bas van Rijnsoever and Floor van Leeuwen
Text and assistant director: Erik Willems
Partners: Theater Ins Blau, Nederlands Interdisciplinair Demografisch Insitituut (NIDI)

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