video shoot


We took the whole day to shoot a videoclip in the raw Prishtina sceneries. The idea was to take THE ARTCORE image (like on the posters and cd) and turn it around. We’re still standing with our backs to the camera, but instead of taking a picture of a walking band we stood still for ten minutes per location and filmed the movement around us. In a traffic jam at the Bill Clinton boulevard, between the students at the library, on the NEWBORN statue in front of a shopping area… a lot of recognizable Prishtina spots and several shots per location. Now the consequence of this image is that for making good material we had to stand absolutely still for several minutes per shot, some shots ten minutes (to be able to speed up traffic in the montage), some shots 3 but in the end of the day, when we called it “a wrap”, we had been standing still for more then two hours. The impact of doing ABSOLUTELY nothing is unbelievable. Especially when the world around you moves like an aggressive city and the (young) people walking around are reacting quite loud and obnoxious on your presence… stand still, stand still, stand still!


But in the end of this long day of doing a lot to do nothing we have a lot of material for vj-ing and a nice clip for U TURN (available soon) therefore satisfaction is overruling the being tired. Especially cause the image that says ARTCORE was lively spread and people are starting to recognize us here not only by our rock music but also for our marching and standing still:) weird muziki guys from amsterdam