To start with an apology: I’m sorry for the small amount of updates since we moved on to Pristina. Not only is life here a WHOLE lot more chaotic, the spots with wifi internet are rare. for instance; our apartment it’s not such a spot.

Until now we played two gigs, friday on the main boulevard right in the city centre and yesterday in a city called Ferizaj (40km from Pristina). I don’t know if Dave dares to write another book about traveling difficulties but I can assure you he wouldn’t lack material! We have been recording a lot of vj material on typical locations in Pristina (a preview will appear here soon). Isil, sparring partner, co-writer of the ARTCORE plans and producer for the Amsterdam-part of the project paid us a 1,5 day visit and brought her friend Lotte, which made Wouter very happy. We are preparing a ‘body percussion’ flashmob for tuesday. The Freelancers and LnSaint will march stamping, clapping and singing “shame is a waste of time” from both sides of the Nena Tereza boulevard towards each other to make even more noise in the middle where all of our new friends will join the action.  And at this very moment we are preparing and promoting the final concert we’ll play in FELIKAQA upcoming wednesday. We will play a double bill with the Freelancers. FELIKAQA is known as THE sports bar in Prishtina and known for it’s good sound for gigs. The location suits us very well for it counts at least 20 flatscreen televisions so we can show a lot of the (raw) video material during the concert. So far so good. So far so inspired, So far to bring back the best that Pristina has to offer. Next time I’ll introduce you to the artists we will invite for ARTCORE Amsterdam 17-22 December 2010, but don’t panic if that’ll take a while, for now I’ll dive back into Kosovo chaos! love