Storytelling FARMWELL

Company New Heroes is a storytelling partner of the FARMWELL project (funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme). 

We were asked to tell a story about farming that people don’t hear or see very often. The story about how difficult it can sometimes be, physically and mentally, to be a farmer or live on a farm. We want to tell this story to bridge the gap between the farming community and the world.

We are working on an animated film without language. It premieres in October and will become available online for everyone to watch.

Now, we ask farmers across Europe to inspire the storyline and help us to get the message right by filling in a simple and anonymous questionnaire. Do you know someone who can help us by filling in the questionnaire? Click on one of the links below and fill in the questionnaire in your language. The questionnaire can be submitted until Monday, July 19th.

Pictures are sketches from the animated movie made by Matteo Bal