as time flies

time flies when your having a mission.

it’s almost the end of our being ‘artist in residence’ at Banska Stanica and hell those were two good weeks! We wrote two new songs, did a deep search in how we sound, created a short- and a full version of the ARTCORE setlist and started a new ritual in MARCHing towards a gig. It’s inspiring to spend time with each other in a surrounding that breathes. Whole days of open air rehearsals, not always easy listening but very free. Yesterday I thought: I wish my life was always this relaxed and focussed and today I thought: something else. It’s funny to recognize the circumstances in which creation gets high against circumstances in which reflection and private life sufferings, force themselves upon you (which will probably lead to more songs…)

Anyway. upcoming weekend we’ll finish the good times with 3 concerts: 2 festivals and the final presentation at the railway station. And then the actual Pristina part of ARTCORE starts. first with another 900km drive to then start performing street acts, challenging the Freelancers to interact… to film all that, to probably redo it so we’ll rock not only the ears but the eyes as well at the final gig. We’ll try to keep you posted right here ok? but for sure we’ll bring it all back to Amsterdam in December.

sleep well