Yes, Please!

An ode to erotic fantasies

A project in word and image, from podcast to performance.

The millennial generation has less sex than any previous generation. Meanwhile we get flooded by pornography and sex. The pressure to perform is high. Sex is everywhere and you ‘have’ to be good at it. In a time of prudishness and porn, we’re looking for the healthy centre: eroticism.

Your fantasy and erotic identity give space to be more than performance or fear. However, you’ll never hear someone about eroticism, because it’s a vulnerable subject. With Yes, Please! we want to dismantle this taboo and research the differences between generations in relation to this taboo. We want to start, develop and keep the open minded conversation going. We hope to show the power and necessity of fantasizing to grow and develop your identity and as a human being.

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Recording Fantasies

Research towards erotic fantasies has rarely been done the past years. Probably because many think it’s a difficult subject to talk about. Which is strange because fantasizing is in the centre of human sexuality. Eroticism has disappeared in the background while pornography got a bigger role in our society. We think it’s time to break through this shame. We should be able to talk about our fantasies. Not with the fast-food of porn, but with the slow-cooking of eroticism.

That’s why we, Company New Heroes, started a research, and search, to erotic fantasies. We are traveling through the entire country of The Netherlands with our caravan, which is currently build to be a small recording studio, to ask around for erotic fantasies. This way we’ll hear what people fantasize about, if people feel ashamed and why that would be. And are we as free and safe in our fantasies as we hope?

With our caravan named Bolleke we’ve been at many festivals (like Down the Rabbit Hole, De Parade and Lowlands) and last week we were at the Huishoudbeurs. We’re far from done! We’ll keep looking for fantasies and our database will keep growing. We’ll keep traveling in the Netherlands and Belgium. We’ll keep our site and Facebook up to date!


Live show

What’s the importance of eroticism anyway? We’ve read heaps of books, combed through studies, spoke to many experts and recorded countless erotic stories. We spoke to scientists, journalists, philosophers and sexologists. Find out all about our research and conclusions in our live show.

Erotic stories and a live audience – it’s a match made in heaven.

The Liveshow will have a lecture to give necessary information and interesting discoveries we made in our research, an erotic story to get everyone in the mood, a live interview like we usually do in our caravan, music and audience participation. We’ll listen to your opinions, answer your questions and hopefully start a conversation everyone can keep going at home!

Check the calendar to see where you can catch the live show this summer!

Big installation (2020)

In the Yes, Please project we work towards a Big erotic Installation in which visitors go on a journey through several spaces, guided by podcasts playing erotic stories and fantasies via headphones.

The Big Installation will be a sensory, performative journey of discovery into your own erotic identity

The installation is planned to premiere in March 2020 in Marres, Maastricht and presented at several festivals and theatres.

Going in depth

Yes, Please does many more things besides recording the fantasies, our live show and installation! We organise a writing competition together with our partner De Buren for instance, called Het Rode Oor. We do a podcastseries with the VPRO and participate in scientific research and educational projects.

If you are interested in collaboration or have questions about Yes Please, please contact project coordinator Kim via

Yes, Please! is made in collaboration with deBuren, De Nieuwe Liefde, Verkadefabriek en Marres.