The Village

Online platform causing offline experiences

The Village

The Village is an online platform exploring new ways of telling stories in public space by creating offline experiences using specially designed mobile technology.

In the coming years Company New Heroes, together with institutes, artists, students, companies and citizens, builds up The Village; a social-creative platform shaped as a virtual village in the physical city. The Village will be build up by bricks of reality and fantasy, of the virtual and the actual, of what’s close and what’s far away. The Village uncovers the universal village that is present in every city and every citizen. The main tool of the project is the smartphone app, that guides you through the village within your city.


At the Village Academy we build together with others on the development of The Village. Groups can follow workshops for a couple of weeks accompanied by a New Heroes creator. During these workshops we create using the New Heroes way of working a Village for a specific situation (for example a school, museum or festival); participants will become creators themselves.