The Village Oostende

Interactive theatrical exhibition stretching over a couple of kilometers about inequality

The Village Oostende, an interactive theatrical exhibition stretching over a couple of kilometers about inequality. 

Since the beginning of 2018 we investigated the theme poverty/inequality. This research consisted of the reading of books from Harari (2015),  Philip Blom (2017) to Sendhil Mullainathan, we watched documentaries such as Take Good Care of my Baby about a single mother in the suburbs of Oostende by Klein Verhaal. But above all, we interviewed over 70 people in the Netherlands and Belgium, from social workers to scientist, from politicians to philosophers.

Our goal with The Village (Oostende) is to share our analyses about the increasing inequality in a way that is both intense and interactive, to create a theatrical and iconographic route during which you (as a visitor) inevitably has to question your own position and choices. 

We do not posses The Truth, or The Solution. We only reveal what we see, both positive and negative. We lead the audience through rooms with observations, experiences and installations about humanity, systems, the future etc. From this palette every visitor can and will draw their own conclusions.

We are using our self developed smartphone application to guide people from one place to the other, but also to pose questions and let them make choices. The surroundings are responding to the app, and the app responds to its surroundings. Through scenography, stories, drawing, information and questions we try to stimulate people on different levels and to encourage self-reflection and determine one’s space.