The Growing Pavilion at World Design Capital 2020 Lille

Part of exhibition La manufacture, a labour of love about new materials

We built a piece of The Growing Pavilion especially for World Design Capital Lille and present it together with a dress by Diana Scherer. This special presentation is part of the exhibition La manufacture, a labor of love.

This exhibition, created by world-renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, explores the way a new generation of designers is experimenting with materials and manufacturing processes.

The past decade has seen a turning point in our relationship with materials, from design to manufacturing, with materials gradually reclaiming their central role in the creative process and beginning to dictate form rather than simply adapt to it.

The exhibition explores the power of materials, which use the sense of touch to convey emotion and energy.

It draws on the so-called ​“neo-materialist” movement, which reasserts the centuries-old beliefs that materials have their own force and exude an energy that people can genuinely feel.