European project for Urban Game

What is Playground?
PLAYGROUND is an urban game, specifically designed for one city or location. In this game you can buy unique experiences by doing challenges. The goal is to discover yourself, the other and a new environment. PLAYGROUND is an online platform which you can access via a website and a free smartphone app.

Who is Playground for
We can customize PLAYGROUND for every city, neighbourhood, festival or company. Because of the flexibility in the challenges and experiences we can make a unique plan for each commissioning party.

How was Playground developed?
Free style advise of a local fashion designer? A swimming pool concert exclusively for you and your friends? A romantic sleepover in a museum including champagne breakfast? These are examples of experiences that we created during the pilot of PLAYGROUND in Kortrijk: a collaboration of Alcatel Lucent, I Minds, BUDA, the City of Kortrijk, Zelticon and Company New Heroes. The app was created as part of the European Project SPECIFI. Its aim was to integrate existing technology in such a way that it can bring the creative industry of a city closer to the people and the city. Playground was tested in 2013 – 2014 in Kortrijk. Company New Heroes created the concept and collaborated with the local creative industry to organize sixty challenges and thirty experiences.

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