City research installation

The city provides us with everything. But is everything you want really available? Could you add to what is already there? Look at your city with different eyes. What would you change? Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Company New Heroes present Sketch, a performance installation in the public space by Lucas De Man and Pascal Leboucq.

In and around a chunk of empty sketching paper of architectural proportion, young architect Arthur examines the psyche and the desires of your city. He invites you into his Sketch, to shape your ideal city together with him. Be inspired by the empty canvas!

Sketch imposes on the regular image of the city by being placed in the heart of the city for three days, and asking passers-by: which building do you miss? Sketch collects the drawn answers of the residents, through which after three days a large collage emerges of all the desired buildings. At the end of day three the sketches are presented to you.

Sketch has visited Tilburg, Roosendaal, Heerlen,  Den Bosch, Breda, Eindhoven, Leuven(Belgium) and Hoorn. In 2014 Sketch travelled to 10 countries for the EU project SEISMIC: UK, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy and concluded with a presentation for the European Committee, Brussels in November 2014.

Sketch can still be booked! In order to do so contact us.

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Concept: Lucas De Man, Pascal Leboucq, Kimberly Major
Directed and performed by: Lucas De Man
Scenography: Pascal Leboucq
Dramaturgy: Kimberly Major