SKETCH La Strada2020 in Graz

A billboard campaign with visions of the residents of Graz for their city

In the summer of 2020 we bring our Sketch project to Graz, Austria. There we collect ideas, visions and dreams of the inhabitants of Graz for their city through creative interviews in collaboration with local artists. The artists convert what they hear into sketches. They distil and visualize 5 visions of the residents for their city. These visions are showcased in the city on huge billboards and are presented to politicians and the residents themselves.

The visions of the citizens of Graz for their city are:

  • a GREEN city
  • a MOBILE city
  • a SUSTAINABLE city
  • a SOCIAL city

Watch the video’s here:

We need art, not to console us and tell us everything will be fine, because it won’t be, we need art to help us visualize possibilities without ignoring the reality.

Lucas De Man