New Biobased Creations project

starting from september 2019

In the fall of 2019 Company New Heroes presents a new Biobased Creations project.

We live in a time were influence of human affects the planet and our climate in a negative way. The search for new measures to prevent the consequences of this is high on international political agendas and finding solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. In order to find and implement such solutions for the climate problem, knowledge and support are needed, and this has been coming up in the construction sector for several years. The possibilities of less climate-taxing construction, the use of less-taxing materials and the reuse of building materials are being explored and investigated. In addition, work is being done on the development of various biobased materials. These are materials from natural resources, often compostable and with a smaller impact on the climate as a result. However, the use and development of these materials are often still in an experimental phase, which means that there is resistance and misunderstanding among developers, builders and users.

With our new project we want to give a boost to the use of these materials. On the one hand by connecting designers and industry in their concrete application, and on the other hand by allowing the public to experience the possibilities of biobased materials up close.

…… stay tuned…….