Almost everyone has lost someone before. Or lost him or herself. Or lost control. We are afraid to lose one another. But we don’t have the tools to deal with this fear. There is a taboo against expressing your sadness or fears in public, so we suppress them. But every time you lose someone, you also lose part of yourself.

In the theatre play Lost Lucas De Man challenges an important taboo. In our society there isn’t much space or possibility to share the loss of a loved one or to make yourself vulnerable. That’s what this confrontational play is about.  Lost is coproduced by Het Zuidelijk Toneel and was part of city project EYE.

City project EYE Den Bosch
In the city project OOG Den Bosch city artist Lucas De Man investigates urban society or the engagement of people with their city, their fellow citizens and themselves. The project views urban society from 3 perspectives: I, the Other and Us. Each perspective inspired a different art piece, Lost being the Other.

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