In Search of Europe

A lecture performance and documentary

For his project In Search Of Europe, Lucas De Man travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days. He interviewed more than 20 young creators (creative professionals), who are trying to change the society they live in for the better. What struck him is that there is a new generation awakening in Europe and that they are ready to fight for change. Inspired by this journey, New Heroes made a lecture performance De Man in Europe  and created a documentary Meeting modern visionaries


In this performance Lucas relates the transition period our continent is in now, to the previous paradigm changing period: the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. At that time a generation of visionaries emerged with Erasmus, Thomas More and Luther, on whose ideas Europe as we know it now was built. Is something similar happening now?

For in Search of Europe Lucas took a camera team and a journalist from De Correspondent with him to look for our current European generation; Who are the visionaries? How do they see our time and society? Where do they stand in current hot issues, such as new democracy, (the enclosure of) the commons and Europe. What do they think should change and, more importantly, what are they doing about it?

In De Man in Europe Lucas uses video fragments of the interviews to take his audience on a journey past the most important insights and battles of the young European generation he encountered.

The show can be performed in English or Dutch, is 90 minutes and can be staged in theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms.

Some press quotes:
“Lucas De Man grabs his audience in a passionate way.”  ★★★★ de Volkskrant

 “De Man is a charming theatre personality with an opinionated view, who effortlessly guides his audience through philosophical or scientific, sometimes very complex, discourses.” Trouw

 “…charming, amusing and entertaining lecture performance.” Theaterkrant

 “Lucas massages his audience, always striking the right note.” Brabants Dagblad

 “Very rarely does a show cause such insight into current affairs.” Cultuurpers


For In Search of Europe Lucas took a camera team with him to capture our current European generation of creators: creative professionals who fight to change society. He discovered a generation with a pragmatic-idealistic view on the world. A generation that uses technology and art in different ways to create community and social movements in a joint fight to (re)claim the commons, for a new democracy, and for more social cohesion.

In the documentary, In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries, Lucas shares the highlights and main insights of his journey.

Meet the creators, discover their projects and see how for this generation it’s not about creating a better world, but about creating a piece of society.

Watch the documentary here:


De Man In Europe:
Concept: and performance Lucas De Man
Video: Ruut van der Beele
Camera: Ton Vorselaars and Pepijn Robben
Dramaturgy, project manager: Kimberly Major
Journalistic support: Tomas Vanheste
Assistant: Director Tom Dijkstra

Meeting Modern Visionaries:
Concept and presentation Lucas De Man
director Ruut van der Beele
Dramaturgy and production Kimberly Major
Camera Ton Vorselaars en Pepijn Robben
Editing  Ton Vorselaars en Ruut van der Beele
Sound design Tom Sikkers
Research, production and communication of the journey Kimberly Major, Bregtje Radstake, Marjolein Roozen en Claire van Nunen
Journalistic assistance Tomas Vanheste