a performance by Niels Kuiters

I-Jesus is a performance about the loss of a Jesus figure that carries your suffering and questions. We live in an age in which we have to figure it out, know, question everything ourselves. In a desire to share that search, we looked for an iconic image that depicts the modern suffering and at the same time shows you that you have to do it yourself. In sharing this, it makes it all a little less lonely.

I-Jesus is a performance in the public space in which performer Niels Kuiters hangs at a height of 1,5 meters, naked, with only an iPhone to cover his crotch. Next to him is a sign with his telephone number on it, so the audience can call him or send him a text message. In his voicemail your hear the message: “I am no longer here, it’s up to you now, leave a message.” The messages are shown on a screen and can be heard back by the audience.

We have done this performance in many different placces already, like Kosovo, Amsterdam, Brussels and Eindhoven. The performance lastst for as long as Niels can hold on, which is usually between 2 or 3 hours.

It is also possible to discuss the shape and form of the performance with Niels and Lucas, and to adjust the performance according to the wishes of the ordering party.

Concept: Lucas De Man and Niels Kuiters
Performance: Niels Kuiters

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