EYE Amsterdam

EYE is a series of art installations by creator Lucas De Man and designer Pascal Leboucq. EYE is giant iris that hangs on a building in the city and seats one visitor. New Heroes developed the installation for the city Den Bosch in 2014. In 2018 we presented EYE as a gift to Amsterdam. Because everyone deserves to be seen, especially in our increasingly anonymous capital.

From August 18th to October 22nd 2018 two EYES were mounted on the facades of A-Lab, with a stunning view over the IJ and Pakhuis de Zwijger facing the city centre. In EYE each visitor is seated on a chair and rolled out of the building into the installation. When the pupil closes EYE takes you on a stunning audio-visual theatrical experience. The art installation takes you on a loving search for the soul of the city and encourages you to see the city, the other and yourself from a different perspective.

EYE was designed as a reaction to the crumbling social cohesion that challenges cities today. This undoing of the social glue causes anonymity in public space, which affects the character of our shared habitat, the City. A city without people engaging, connecting and sharing is a city without a soul. With EYE Lucas and Pascal humanise the city by giving it eyes and offering visitors new perspectives on urban life and society.

For more information about the Amsterdam edition see: www.oogamsterdam.nl

and for an overview of all 5 eyes see: www.oogdenbosch.nl