What’s in a Man?

Quest via theatre, image and sound to being a man today.

About manhood today. Stories; audio, visual en theatre. 

TV presenter and creator Lucas De Man, photographer Ahmet Polat and audiovisual talent Rashif El Kaoui are fascinated by the position of men in our society. Coming from backgrounds of mixed cultures, worlds and disciplines, they’ve started a personal quest to what it means to be a man nowadays. This will result in a contemporary, exciting theatre performance, an installation on the crossroad of film, photography and experience and an engaging audioproject/radio-documentary.

Collecting Stories

The three makers of the project all live and work in the differing worlds of art, martial arts, religion, social innovation, media, Europe and women. Lucas is a Belgian in the Netherlands, Ahmet is Turkish-Dutch and Rashif Moroccan-Belgian. They find themselves confronted by differing and contradictory expectations on being a man. How to be a star in cleaning and housekeeping and at the same time a beast in bed? What about the absence of male teachers in primary schools? How to be manly without being macho? What does the word ‘father’ mean in a secularized world? What do you pass on to your son when wondering what your father taught you? What is vulnerability? Lucas, Ahmet and Rashif discussed all of the above and more with over a 150 men in the Netherlands and Belgium.

After having talked to numerous people, Ahmet, Rashif and Lucas will make their own artworks based on the huge collection of stories. Ahmet Polat will create an photographic exposition with some very advanced technical styles of photography. Rashif El Kaoui forms a series of podcasts based on the stories that came across his path. Lucas De Man tells his stories in his theater performance ‘De Man Is Lam’ which will tour across the Netherlands and Belgium.

The start of the theater performance was on April the 6th in Tilburg, from there it plays frequently throughout the country. Check out our agenda to see when we’ll play in your neighbourhood!

From, by and with: Lucas De Man, Ahmet Polat, Rashif El Kaoui

Design: Pascal Leboucq Project coordinator: Amber Bloos

De Man Is Lam is made in co-production with Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Stage-Z (the producing part of Theater Zuidplein).