What’s in a Man? The performance

Performance on what it means to be a man today

A theater play about regelion, fatherhood, aggression, fundability, women, sex and intimacy. Based on person stories and with humor. 

In the contemporary play De Man Is Lam director and story teller Lucas De Man invites his audience in an exciting solo performance, full of film and audio fragments about the position of men in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Men are in crisis and do not always fit in today’s feminized society. Men lead the polls in ADHD, drug abuse and early school dropouts. For the first time in history, the position of the man is under pressure. Together with photographer and filmmaker Ahmet Polat and audiovisual talent Rashif El Kaoui, Lucas De Man became fascinated by the position of the man in our society. From their mix of cultures and disciplines, they started a search for what it means to be a man today.

From scientists to your neighbor and from your best friend to the lonely man in the pub: they all give their vision on what’s it like to be a man and Lucas likes to take you along in these wonderful stories and sometimes shocking facts.

Professors gave us a sight into their studies, and we received trainings from men’s coaches. We made friends in all layers, read the Bible and the Quran, the sex lessons for primal men made us blush, and were surprised at the use of medication in education.

All of these men and experiences opened Lucas’s eyes and confused, touched and motivated him to tell you the story, while Ahmet shows you and Rashif makes your ears ring. Be welcome on a wonderful rollercoaster through the world of De Man.

From, by and with: Lucas De Man, Ahmet Polat, Rashif El Kaoui
Scenography: Pascal Leboucq | Project leader: Amber Bloos

De Man Is Lam wordt is co-produced by Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Stage-Z