City Artist 2013-2016

Lucas De Man and 'sHertogenbosch

From 2013 to 2016 Lucas De Man was the City Artist of Den Bosch. This honorary title was given to him by the city. Other partners of the City Artist were Het Zuidelijk Toneel and the Verkadefabriek. In his role as city artist Lucas focussed on the city as a concept and Den Bosch in particular. He did so through many projects, lectures, speeches, ideas and with many partners from all over the city.  In these 4 years Lucas developed two large scale city projects, that were be made in, for and with the city of Den Bosch. In these projects he aimed to connect residents, all parts of the city and create encounters, not just with cultural partners, but also with companies and other organisations in the city. These projects were developed locally, but toured internationally afterwards: Made in Den Bosch on tour.

The first big city project was  EYE , which included 5 large EYE installations, the theatre show LOST, a magazine ONS, interventions such as HET IS AAN JOU, a making of exhibition at Wurth museum and many other activities. The second project was CLOUD (WOLK) which premiered at Theaterfestival Boulevard in 2016.

Besides these large projects Lucas presented the theatre show Elderly & Desire in collaboration with 10 care organisations to thousands of elderly in Den Bosch and brought Our Pigland to 300 farmers in collaboration with Verkadefabriek and ZLTO. He also opened a shop for Creative Ideas in an empty store in the centre. He was keynote speaker for the annual State of the Arts, opened the political year, hosted PITCH nights for Boulevard, speeched for the volunteers of Den Bosch and organised a performance for home aid carers.

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