Bus Stop

city performance during The Club

The loneliness of elderly people is a taboo that we should keep people talking about through unforgettable images. To this effect we created this performance, in which we have put an elderly woman on top of a bus stop in a wheelchair, during rush hour.

The elderly people that we worked with were perfectly able to walk and were put on top of the bus stop with a ladder during morning rush hour. Then we gave them a wheelchair and they sat down, pretending to sleep. After about 10 minutes they awoke and pretended they didn’t know where they were. They cried for help. People stopped to look and asked them how they got there. “I don’t know, I was home alone and all of a sudden I was here,” they answered.

The performance lasted as long as it took the audience to get the ladies and wheelchairs of the bus stop onto the ground. Then the ladies were escorted home by one of us who was supposedly a random passer-by.

Bus stop was performed in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Concept: Lucas De Man
Co-creators: Marco Pesch, Niels Kuiters, Marc Stoffels, Daan Weddepohl, Tygo Gernandt, Tim Murck, Merijn De Jong

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