BCA Talent on the canals

Lustrum event for Art and Business

BCA (Bedrijfs Cultureel Abonnement, or in English: Company Cultural Subscription) is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! They asked New Heroes to come up with a concept for 350 BCA partners and clients (mainly people form corporate circles) to take a cruise on the beautiful Amsterdam canals. We agreed on the condition that everything (including the food) had to revolve around young talent. We wanted to create an oppurtunity for talented young artists to present themselves to these cultureloving corporates. BCA was immediately excited and on September 12th 2013 we have organised a cruise on the canals for 350 people, with at least 20 different young creators from different disciplines in the performing arts, ranging from food to classical music, and from circus to theater.

People and groups that collaborated are:
TENT (circus), Eddie the Eagle, Circus Treurdier, Sounding Bodies, Jacqueline Hamelink, Aswintha Vermeulen, Tijs Huis, PS Leiden, M Lab, Bas Van Rijnsoever, Lucas De Man, Isil Vos, Jibbe Willems, Rory De Groot, Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Tim Murck/Spektor, Oscar Kocken, Erik Willems, Khadija Massaoudi en BITE ME.

After this event we aim to develop our collaboration with BCA to keep bringing together young talent and the corporate world.

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