A Contemporary Anarchy Pact

16/06/2017 – 4am, Amsterdam RAI

What is Anarchy in Amsterdam 2017

This Contemporary Anarchy Pact is a question, not a mark. It’s not damaging, it’s daring. It’s not illegal, it’s naughty. It’s not possessing but it’s utilising the limited time and space left in everyday urban madness, to be seen.

Maybe it’s not even anarchistic, but artistic. A statement through art questioning anarchy. Not to destroy but to create. Not permanent but just for now.

Above all, it felt important to create and execute a routine that would only work if everyone put his ego aside. To become a part of something bigger at the break of dawn.

Together with the students we decided to try and go viral on Facebook. We gathered in their school to post and share the video all at once to reach as many viewers as we could. Within one week the video was shared  350 times and got 128.000 views.

Project Credits

Concept & choreography: Suze van Miltenburg & Bas van Rijnsoever (Company New Heroes)

Video: Dirk de Graaff / VERS TV

Performance: Teun Adriani, Joey de Boer, Mher Brutyan, Trevor van Camp, Djuna Gijsbers, Guilermo Hamel, Isabella Kovács, Drusilla Mputu-Mola, Lakeisha Naarden, Tekesha Nijhove, Luuk Ransijn, Sascha Sijpheer, Juliette Talakua, NienkeToetenel, Kilian Visser, Amarante Voskuijl, Aloë Zandt, Ramona Berthold, Alissya Brouwer, Zoë van Baarsen, Christian Corvalan Iturria, Isabella Cavalje, Lieve van Engelenburg, Anna Faneyte, Eva van der Grift, Kimbelly Groenland, Susanne de Heer, Marijn Heijke, Kirsten Jansen, Cheyenne Löhnen, Sam Poelsma, Yuri van Poelgeest, Sarah Sahertian, Jesse Stenzler, Chantal van der Wurf, Felicia Feij, Wietse Walraven. (students of PACT+ theater)

Music: FALT – Lost

Special thanks to Boris Marijn, Dirk Broersen, Lena Willems, Johan van Aalst, Son Koper, Rob Florence, Raf Martinez Alders, the sun.

‘A Contemporary Anarchy Pact’ is a collaboration between Company New Heroes, PACT+ theater / ROCvA & Tolhuistuin.